Security for Embedded Systems

You want stronger security for your IoT devices?

PSA Certified responds to the increasing demand from consumers and governments for a universal security baseline for IoT devices. This standard helps your developers save time on security and protects your reputation.

You want strong security on small 32-bit microcontrollers?

Oberon PSA Crypto is a PSA Certified Crypto API certified crypto library that makes a common IoT cipher suite fit into less than 20 kB flash memory.

It is optimized for Cortex-M class microcontrollers; e.g., MCUs with Arm Cortex-M23/M4/M33 or RISC-V 32-bit cores.

Oberon microsystems understands embedded and we are proud to integrate their high-quality solutions in our devices. Nordic partnered with Oberon in the development of Oberon PSA Crypto, an implementation of the PSA Crypto API.