Oberon PSA Crypto is a C library that implements the PSA Certified Crypto API. Arm has designed this API standard as part of its overarching Platform Security Architecture (PSA).

Standardized application interface - The PSA Certified Crypto API is the crypto API standard for application code on microcontrollers. It reduces the cost of writing portable application code:

  • Move your application code between hardware platforms, without rewriting crypto code.
  • Use any protocol stack that supports the API standard, without integration project.

Standardized driver interface - In addition to the high-level application interface, Arm has designed a low-level crypto driver interface. It reduces the cost of maintaining entire product lines with varying crypto hardware capabilities:

  • Use crypto hardware accelerators, through crypto hardware drivers, for maximum performance and minimum power consumption.
  • Use the best software cryptography for functions that your hardware cannot accelerate. Oberon PSA Crypto provides high-performance crypto software drivers that come preconfigured.
  • For every type of chip that you use, obtain maximum performance with minimal footprint, through the best mix of hardware and software drivers.

Lean - Its tiny memory footprint makes Oberon PSA Crypto feasible even on microcontrollers with as little as 8 KB of RAM and 64 KB of flash.

Fast - Oberon PSA Crypto is practical even on a 24 MHz Arm Cortex-M0 core without hardware acceleration.

ResistantOberon PSA Crypto has been designed with side-channel resistance in mind from the beginning. To achieve this goal, it uses our constant-time, pc-secure and table-free cryptographic ocrypto code in the crypto software drivers.

Easy to configure - Configuration is done through the setting of a few simple C #define directives - no hassles with the integration of yet more tools into your build system.