This is a list of our customers and some past projects. Today, we are focused on licensing our ocrypto and Oberon PSA Crypto libraries to semiconductor companies and large IoT device manufacturers.

IoT cryptography:

Nordic Semiconductor

Lightweight crypto library for resource-constrained microcontrollers

Development of a tiny, fast and side-channel resistant crypto software library that is redistributed e.g. as part of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF Connect SDK. See also this PSA partner spotlight article.

Consumer IoT – smart home:

Apple HomeKit

Protocol stack and development kit for Apple's smart home platform

We are the initial contributor to Apple's HomeKit ADK:

We made it easy for hundreds of companies, using over 50 different platforms, to integrate their devices into Apple's HomeKit ecosystem.

This work goes back to 2015, when we developed an implementation of Apple's HomeKit Accessory protocol (HAP), based on our proven ocrypto cryptographic library. We fine-tuned ocrypto to enable HomeKit even on low-cost, resource-constrained, low-power hardware while providing best-in-class security. Our software became the market-leading HAP implementation.

Our code powers many premium-brand HomeKit products today. An example of a HomeKit SDK based on our software is Nordic Semiconductor's HomeKit SDK.

In November 2016, in the presence of the Swiss finance minister, Oberon microsystems was honored as a winner of the Swiss Innovation Challenge for this work, and also as the winner of the associated internationalization award.

Medical IoT:


System that enables an audiologist in her office to remotely configure a patient's hearing aids via his mobile phone (tele audiology)

Development of an IoT application for the remote fine-tuning of hearing aids, from a mobile phone via the Internet. Phonak is the primary brand name of Sonova Group, the world's leading hearing aid manufacturer.

Industrial IoT:

Alstom Power

System for the remote monitoring and predictive maintenance of power plants across the globe

Development of a comprehensive monitoring system for one of the world's largest hydropower plants. Alstom Power is now part of General Electric, a global leader in the energy sector.

IoT cloud platform:


Cloud service that enables secure access to devices behind firewalls

Development of a highly scalable and fault-tolerant relay server software for connecting devices to the Internet. Yaler enables access to embedded systems from the Web in a secure way, in spite of firewalls and network address translation. For the Yaler product, we have spun off the company Yaler GmbH in 2011.

IoT device platform:


Java-based real-time operating system for industrial machines that are monitored and controlled over the Internet

Development of the Java real-time operating system Jbed RTOS. This is a fast Java virtual machine (JVM) for microcontrollers running on the "bare metal", with an Earliest-Deadline First scheduler for hard real-time tasks and support for Internet protocols and Web servers. A stripped-down version of Jbed has been integrated into more than 400 million phones as a JVM. For the Jbed product, we have spun off the company Esmertec (now Myriad Connect) in 1999.

Consulting and non-IoT engineering projects

Other customers of Oberon microsystems include armasuisse, BAE Systems, BMW, Borland, City of Zurich, Schindler, Swiss Life.